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Vahid’s Wildlife Photographic or Workshops.


Margoon Fall, Shiraz, Iran

Margoon Fall, Shiraz, Iran, photo by “Vahid”

Let us tailor a photographic workshop or safari





About our Safaris

These workshops have been put together by photographers for photographers.
Value for money is excellent, with quality guides, great accommodation, food and hospitality.

This safari will be a combination of morning and afternoon game drives.
We will have discussion and assistance on specialized topics such as long lens technique,
projection flash usage, action shooting, wildlife observation, field craft and Persian Animal behavior.
Advanced techniques will be constantly discussed, demonstrated and put into practice.
The end goal is for all participants to end up with new skills to help elevate their wildlife photography, documentation photography and landscapes.
as well as coming home with excellent photographs.

We host a complete private photographic safari where we will relax, learn, photograph by ourselves and enjoy our surroundings.
We also have secured additional transport, with virtually unlimited weight allowances per person, allowing us to bring all of our camera gear.

Because of the unique location of this workshop and the luxury accommodations, this workshop adventure is open to individuals and group photographers as well as 4 spouses.
Non-photographers will find the locales visited and the landscape viewing opportunities to be thrilling.

Safari Highlights

» Private vehicles throughout the entire safari, with only 1 person per row of seating
(except for the sharing spouses / partners)
» Superb game viewing and photographic opportunities in some of the best areas
» Guidance and tuition by an experienced wildlife photographer
» The best driver guides with an experienced eye for wildlife and photography
» We will also have the option of returning to camp after dark since we are not subject to the rules of the Game reserve

All safaris are subject to photographer availability.

Olsabelanca, Masal, Photo by: “Reza”

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